All Terrain Cranes

73 Ton Capacity

     Liebherr LTM-1060/2


120 Ton Capacity


     Grove GMK-5120B


165 Ton Capacity


     Grove GMK-5165


     Grove GMK-5165/2


170 Ton Capacity


     Demag AC-140

175 Ton Capacity


     Grove GMK5150L


200 Ton Capacity


     Demag AC-160/2


210 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt ATC-3210


235 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LTM-1200/5.1

300 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LTM-1250/1


     Liebherr LTM-1250/6.1


350 Ton Capacity


     Grove GMK-6350


     Grove GMK-6300L


365 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LTM-1300/1

400 Ton Capacity


     Demag AC-350/6


550 Ton Capacity


     Grove GMK-7550

600 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LTM1500-8.1


In the crane industry, the All Terrain Crane is considered the luxury version of a mobile hydraulic crane.  All Terrain Cranes can be considered a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane.  Another big selling point of this crane is its multi-functional capability to travel on all kinds of off-road terrain and as well as down highways at top speeds.   W. O. Grubb’s All Terrain cranes can be rented on a fully operated and maintained basis and are available from 70 to 550 tons.

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