Boom Trucks

Boom Trucks are useful for light industrial work, including signage and lighting applications, utility and electrical contracting work, the mining and oil industries, light and heavy construction, pipe-laying and public works.  Our boom trucks are rented on both a "bare rental" and "fully maintained & operated" basis, and range up to 40 tons.

22 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 2264


     Manitex 22101-S


23.5 Ton Capacity


     Terex Stinger 4792


25 Ton Capacity


     USTC 2500JBT

26 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 26101C

28 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 2892C



30 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 30100C

     Manitex 30102C


33 Ton Capacity


     National 14110


35 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 35124C

40 Ton Capacity


     Manitex 40124S

45 Ton Capacity


     Altec AC45-127S

55 Ton Capacity


     National NTC55

    Load Chart (PDF)

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