Crawler Cranes

80 Ton Capacity


     Terex HC80


100 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt LS-218H

110 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt 218HSL

     Terex/American HC-110


120 Ton Capacity


     Manitowoc 12000


150 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt 238HSL


     Link-Belt LS-238H


165 Ton Capacity


     Terex HC-165


200 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt LS-248HSL


     Link-Belt LS-248HV

     Link-Belt LS-248H

230 Ton Capacity


     Manitowoc 888SII




250 Ton Capacity



     Link-Belt LS-278H


275 Ton Capacity


      Manitowoc 999


300 Ton Capacity


      Manitowoc 2250


330 Ton Capacity


      Liebherr LR-1300SX


      Terex/Demag CC-1500


380 Ton Capacity


      Liebherr LR-1350/1

385 Ton Capacity

      Terex/Demag CC-2200

      Manitowoc MLC-300

440 Ton Capacity


      Manitowoc 16000


450 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LR-1400/2

825 Ton Capacity


     Liebherr LR-1750/2




W. O. Grubb has heavily invested in its ever growing crawler crane fleet in recent years.  With over 50 cranes in our crawler fleet, consisting of the newest models & technology available, W. O. Grubb has the crawler crane to meet our customer’s many needs.  Our crawlers are rented on both a "bare" & "operated and maintained" basis.  With the most experienced assembly & disassembly techs in the industry our crawler cranes are erected and dismantled with utmost efficiency to assure your project stays on schedule.

This information is for reference use only. Operators manual should be consulted and adhered to.

Please contact W. O. Grubb Crane Rental at 1-866-WOGRUBB for further information.

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