Headquarters - Richmond, VA
5120 Jefferson Davis Highway

Richmond, VA  23234

Phone: 804-271-9471

Fax: 804-271-2539


Bill Grubb


Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Grubb-Solaimani

Cell: 804-334-1789

Email: michelle@wogrubb.com


Vice President - Sales and Business Development

Scott McDougle

Cell: 804-229-3298

Email: smcdougle@wogrubb.com


Senior Vice President - Major Projects

George "Jigger" Tanner

Cell: 804-347-5145

Email: gtanner@wogrubb.com


Vice President - Operations and Major Projects

Keith Rind

Cell: 804-385-1634

Email: keithrind@wogrubb.com


Director of Corporate Safety

Chuck Cooke

Cell: 804-314-8667

Email: chuckcooke@wogrubb.com




Corporate Maintenance Manager

Doug Adkins

Cell: 804-640-4727

Email: dougadkins@wogrubb.com


General Counsel

James Allen, Esq.

Cell: 571-334-2174

Email: jallen@wogrubb.com


Corporate Logistics Manager

Lori Edwards

Cell: 804-212-5669

Email: ledwards@wogrubb.com


Human Resource Manager

Tom Jester, PHR

Cell: 804-306-0235

Email: tomjester@wogrubb.com


I.T. Manager

Patrick Tanner

Cell: 804-836-9583

Email: ptanner@wogrubb.com

Corporate Fleet Coordinator

Rebecca Richardson

Cell: 804-432-6028

Email: rrichardson@wogrubb.com


Accounts Payable

Brandy Griffith

Cell: 804-502-3753

Email: bgriffith@wogrubb.com


Accounting & Marketing Administrator

Erin Reaves

Cell: 804-929-5385

Email: ereaves@wogrubb.com


Accounts Receivable

Andrea Profitt

Cell: 804-640-5356

Email: andrea@wogrubb.com



Jean Walton

Cell: 804-347-6317

Email: jeanwalton@wogrubb.com

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