Hydraulic Truck Cranes

40 Ton Capacity


     Grove TMS-500E


     Link-Belt HTC-8640HL


     Terex T340-XL


50 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt HTC-8650


60 Ton Capacity


     Grove TMS-760E


     Link-Belt HTC-8660II


     Terex T560/1


70 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt HTC-8670LB


75 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt HTC-8675


     Link-Belt HTC-8675 II


     Terex T-775

80 Ton Capacity


     Grove TMS-800E


90 Ton Capacity


     Grove TMS-900E


     Link-Belt HTC-8690


100 Ton Capacity


     Link-Belt HTC-86100

110 Ton Capacity


     Grove TMS-9000E


     Link-Belt HTC-86110

     Grove TMS-9000-2

Hydraulic Truck Cranes are highly versatile and are used in all of our end markets, from setting air handling units to major motion picture work, and rented for both short-term and long term projects.  Our truck cranes are rented on a fully maintained and operated basis and range from 40 to 110 tons.

This information is for reference use only. Operators manual should be consulted and adhered to.

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