3D Lift Planning


Developing and implementing a plan for handling loads is a key step toward preventing loss of life, injury and property damage.  In addition to making the job safer, lift planning helps align our expectations with those of our customer and results in improved efficiency in completing the work.  Now more than ever, lift planning is recognized as an essential part of the load handling process and is being required by more and more owners of project sites.  W. O. Grubb engineers work with our sales team to provide comprehensive lift planning that meets the highest standards.  Using tools such as AutoCAD and 3D Lift Planner, we are able to produce highly detailed drawings and graphic representations to enable all persons involved in the setup and execution of the lift to have a common understanding of the plan.  Our lift plan documents also contain other relevant information such as step-by-step instructions, personnel certifications and equipment specifications.


Not all companies have the capability to provide this level of detailed planning, but W. O. Grubb does.  We understand that our customers are looking for more than just equipment – they are a looking for a partner with the expertise and the knowledge to safely do the job right the first time.




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