Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Cranes are specifically designed to operate on off road and rough applications and surfaces. Designed specifically for pick & carry applications, large scale construction projects, building bridges and operations in power, chemical and refinery plants. W. O. Grubb has steadily invested in our Rough Terrain Cranes, providing the latest equipment available, with RT’s from 18 tons to 130 tons.

18 Ton Capacity


     Terex CD-218


28 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-528C


30 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-530E


35 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-535E


     Terex RT-335/1


40 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-540E


     Link-Belt RTC-8040II


50 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-650E

     Link-Belt RTC-8050II


     Tadano TR-500XL/4




55 Ton Capacity


     Terex RT-555/1


60 Ton Capacity


     Grove RT-760E


     Tadano TR-600XXL

     Terex RT-160


65 Ton Capacity


      Link-Belt RTC-8065


      Link-Belt RTC-8065II


70 Ton Capacity


      Terex RT-670

      Load Chart (PDF)


75 Ton Capacity


      Grove RT-875E

      Load Chart (PDF)


      Grove RT-875BXL

      Load Chart (PDF)


      Link-Belt RTC-8075

      Load Chart (PDF)


80 Ton Capacity


      Link-Belt RTC-8080II

      Load Chart (PDF)


      Terex RT-780

      Load Chart (PDF)


90 Ton Capacity


      Grove RT-890E

      Link-Belt RTC-8090II


100 Ton Capacity


      Link-Belt RTC-80100II


110 Ton Capacity


      Link-Belt RTC-80110II

     Link-Belt 110RT


130 Ton Capacity


      Grove RT-9130E


      Link-Belt RTC-80130II

This information is for reference use only. Operators manual should be consulted and adhered to.

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