Our managed fleet of over 300 mobile cranes and heavy equipment is known to be top-notch and well-maintained. We continually update and expand our fleet in response to market needs. With a choice of cranes ranging from 6 to 825 tons, we match customers with just the right equipment for a particular application.

We employ factory-certified maintenance technicians, many of whom have worked directly and been trained by the largest manufacturers in the industry. They inspect each piece of equipment before it leaves our shop to make sure it is in top condition, meeting all ANSI & OSHA standards. We carry an extensive parts inventory to assure our cranes stay in top condition at all times.

All of our cranes are available 24/7, on a bare or operated rental basis, in order to fulfill varying customer needs. Many customers choose to utilize our operators, all of whom are certified by the NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators).

Crawler Cranes - Up To 825 Ton

Our crawler fleet is nationally ranked in the top 10 largest fleets. The breadth and depth of our crawler fleet enables us to serve a large footprint in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

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All Terrain Truck Cranes - Up To 600 Ton

Essentially a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane, all terrain cranes or “ATs” are considered the luxury version of mobile hydraulic cranes. multi-functional, they can traverse all kinds of off-road terrain and as well as down highways at top speeds.

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Rough Terrain Cranes - Up To 165 Ton

Rough Terrain Cranes are designed specifically to operate off-road and on rough surfaces. RTs are ideal for pick and carry applications, large-scale construction projects, bridge construction, and certain plant operations. We have steadily invested in our rough terrain cranes over the years and provide an extensive selection.

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Boom Trucks - Up To 55 Ton

Boom Trucks are useful for light industrial work, including signage and lighting applications, utility and electrical contracting work, the mining and oil industries, light and heavy construction, pipe-laying and public works.

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Carry Decks / Industrial Cranes - Up To 25 Ton

Carry decks, or industrial cranes, are versatile mobile cranes. They are ideal for lifting material that requires a compact, low profile that can clear overhead obstacles and maneuver in tight spaces.

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Hydraulic Truck Cranes - Up To 115 Ton

Hydraulic Truck Cranes are highly versatile and are used in nearly all of our end markets, often serving the day-by-day needs of the construction industry. from setting air handling units to major motion picture work, and rented for both short-term and long term projects.

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Telecrawler - Up To 120 Ton

W. O. Grubb has long been on the forefront of the telecrawler market, being one of the first companies to invest in the technology. Crawler Cranes are commonly found on sites where tasks such as foundation & bridgework, power transmission, wind power installations, and other utility work are being carried out. They work alongside, or in place of, lattice boom crawler cranes and rough terrain cranes.

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Specialized Hauling

We offer an array of modular hydraulic platform trailers and lowboys. With a capacity of 45 tons per axle line, our Goldhofer fleet can handle loads of more than 3,240 tons.

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* Load chart disclosure: This information is for reference use only. Please consult operator's manual for detailed specifications and instructions. *