Our people – and their collective expertise – are the backbone of W.O. Grubb. We combine hard-working, knowledgeable personnel with the right equipment to provide solutions, from bare and operated crane rentals to turnkey heavy lift and specialized transport solutions.

Crane Rental

W.O. Grubb Crane Rental specializes in combining skilled personnel with our extensive mobile crane fleet to deliver customized solutions to satisfy specific lifting requirements. We rent cranes on a bare or operated basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our engineering services include full crane support, matting design, and ground-bearing pressure calculations. Load test design and equipment certification are standard offerings. Performance monitoring is paramount from the beginning to the end of a project.

Safety is Job #1 at W.O. Grubb Crane Rental. Trust our professionals to get the job done right, safely, on time, and within budget.


W. O. Grubb employs some of the most talented riggers in the Mid-Atlantic. With years of experience, and many carrying the NCOO certification, no project is too complex for our riggers to handle. Our riggers are experienced within a range of plant environments and have high level clearances at shipyards, nuclear facilities, and government institutions.

Machinery Moving

The moving of machinery and equipment installation are part of our expertise, whether moving one machine or an entire plant. We are capable of handling both small, delicate machines and large tonnage machinery for manufacturing facilities, power plants, and other facilities. Examples of machinery we often move include transformers, boilers, extruders, and hospital equipment such as MRI machines.

Specialized Hauling

Transporting a particularly large or heavy unit from point A to point B often requires the expertise of certified drivers and equipment operators. We employ a staff of experienced project managers available to discuss technical details and handling options during the planning phase or at any point during the transport. Our hauling equipment includes self-propelled trailers, modular hydraulic platform trailers, and lowboys.

Forklifts, carry decks, lift systems, jacking systems, and neoprene rollers provide us with the best possible means to meet diverse handling requirements, from railroad siding to wind farm turbines.

Project Management

Our experienced field personnel guide customers from project start to finish via the following steps.

  • Initial project consultation and review
  • Project analysis and engineering
  • Job cost analysis and budgeting
  • Engineered lift plans
  • Site-specific safety protocols and procedures
  • Site-specific safety protocols and procedures

Engineered Lift Planning

Most owners, managers, and contractors agree that a well-executed project starts with a good plan. A detailed lift plan is an essential tool that helps to illustrate and communicate the load-handling process in order to ensure all parties understand the job and its nuances.

Our licensed professional engineers develop highly detailed CAD lift plans that meet the most stringent standards. Whether your project is a basic crane lift or involves critical lifts, multiple cranes, complex or custom-designed rigging, heavy transport, or alternative lifting equipment like hydraulic gantries, W.O. Grubb’s staff engineers are prepared to assist in developing a safe and economical plan.

  • Professional Engineers stamps covering the Mid-Atlantic states
  • Engineered, critical, and PE-stamped lift plans utilizing the latest CAD software
  • Rigging arrangement design and detailed rigging configuration drawings
  • Specialized hauling design and configuration
  • Heavy lift engineering using hydraulic gantry, jack and slide, and strand jack system
  • 3D Lift Planning